(",) (_gater_) wrote in the_kawoosher,

Getting the ball rolling!

Yes, wow, finally!

New videos have been posted on Kawoosh! and there are many, many more to come. At least I've made a start. (I've been busy, you see...)

Surprisingly, a lot of the backlog were new editors posting links to youTube. youTube is still a no-no on Kawoosh! and is unlikely to turn into a yes-yes anytime soon.

I am thinking of revising the rules in terms of streaming. In this day and age, I'm starting to wonder if streaming (without the option of downloading the actual vid) is all right. Many editors choose to upload their videos to stream and watch on their website to prevent rippers downloading their vids and stealing stuff.

It's at the back of my mind at the moment, but any thoughts/comments are appreciated!
Tags: new videos
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