(",) (_gater_) wrote in the_kawoosher,

Freebie!!! XD

*gasp* More free stuff??? That means today must be a special Kawoosh! day... ;)

The Kawoosh! Forum is three years old!


And 'cos we're so frickin' awesome, we're gonna give away a Kawoosh! mousemat. Yeah, a mousemat! But you're gonna have to work for it. I know, we can be so frickin' awesome one minute, then really mean the next... but you still love us, right?

Leave a comment stating why you love and adore Kawoosh!, in 20 words or less. We'll then go through all the answers, pick our favourite, and send over a Kawoosh! mousemat to that creative genius. The crazier, the better.

Spread the Kawoosh! forum love!!!
Tags: birthday, competition, forum
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