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Emergency meeting!!!

We have gathered all you kawooshing troops here today to talk about the hyper-critical situation The Kawoosher has currently found itself in.

Yup. It's true.

The Kawoosher is one year old today!

*high-pitched squeeful squees*

And to celebrate this fan-hip-pip-hooray-tastic occasion, we're giving away 1Gb of permanent web space to the first five smart-arsed (or -assed, depending on what side of the pond you're at) Kawooshers who can tell us when it's Kawoosh!'s birthday.

Don't send your answers on a postcard, the puddle jumping postal workers are on strike until mid-September. Instead, post a comment here and the first five with the correct answer will be given a congratulatory Shep-punch to the arm and 1Gb of web space. :)

I'll be contacting the winners!

Please note that this web space is only to be used for hosting Stargate music videos. This includes hosting a website for your Stargate music videos. I am the all-knowing Gater (bow down to me), and if I find out that you're using the space for something other than Stargate music videos, I will shove you through the gate where you will be spewed out onto a Wraith-inhabited planet that has no DHD... you have been warned.

Happy birthday, Kawoosher!
Tags: birthday, free hosting
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