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New video submission regulations

The purge is now complete... I can sleep again! :)

Any submissions that only point to temporary/streaming hosting places as a means to view the video will not be listed.

Just to recap, I have removed editors listed on Kawoosh! that host their videos on temporary hosting sites (e.g. SendSpace, MegaUpload, YouSendIt) or streaming sites (e.g. youTube, Google video, putFile).

Temporary hosting sites produce download links that eventually expire. Listing these on Kawoosh! would create an incredibly frustrating and unreliable archive, directing visitors to broken links and dead ends.

Streaming sites are a whole other can of worms. Legal worms. As well as the incidents where random people upload other people's videos without their permission, such streaming sites are very "open" in the sense that it is very easy to find Stargate-related material via a search box - you'll often find Stargate music videos listed together with full-length episodes that some frickin' idiot has uploaded.

This is not the kind of attention I want with music videos.

These topics have been discussed to death, so I can't be bothered to fully repeat everything, however if you're interested / missed this whole thing, here are a few links:
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