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Getting the ball rolling!

Yes, wow, finally!

New videos have been posted on Kawoosh! and there are many, many more to come. At least I've made a start. (I've been busy, you see...)

Surprisingly, a lot of the backlog were new editors posting links to youTube. youTube is still a no-no on Kawoosh! and is unlikely to turn into a yes-yes anytime soon.

I am thinking of revising the rules in terms of streaming. In this day and age, I'm starting to wonder if streaming (without the option of downloading the actual vid) is all right. Many editors choose to upload their videos to stream and watch on their website to prevent rippers downloading their vids and stealing stuff.

It's at the back of my mind at the moment, but any thoughts/comments are appreciated!
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Kawoosh! Redux

Hello my dearest Kawooshers,

Excuses and long-stories aside, here's the plan:

As of December 1st, I will be working on Kawoosh!, ironing out problems and tweak it so it can accommodate for any more Stargate movie-centric videos as well as Stargate Universe vids.

I'll also start checking my e-mails again, so anything sent to me prior to December 1st may or may not be read.

I hope to have some sort of new version launched by the beginning of next year and will make a lot of effort to stay in the loop and keep Kawoosh! alive.

Lots of puddles and jumps,
(",) Gater
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Triangle Vids Challenge - Voting open at Kawoosh!

Hi Everyone! We have 5 awesome vids to entertain you this round. These folks generously invested their time to create these. Now we ask that you take a little time to watch, let them know what you think and vote for your Top 2 vids!  The list can be found here.

Remember ANYONE can vote - you don't have to be a Kawoosh member.  Simply email me your votes at votes[@]kawoosh[.]co[.]uk

Deadline for voting has been extended to  Sunday September 6th at midnight GMT (due to an error on my part). We hope you'll stop on by and check these vids out! :)

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Triangle Vids Challenge on over at Kawoosh!

Stargate fans - we've all seen the shippy vids. Those two people that 'go' so well together. But what happens when you throw a third wheel into the mix?

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Triangle Vids Challenge. This challenge is to make any type of vid that involves relationships between three people. Think along the lines of two separate and competing ships ie. Weir/Sheppard/Teyla. They can be any kind of triangle that you want - you don't have to limit yourself to the angsty, romantic type.

As usual, you may use footage from Stargate SG-1 or Atlantis.

Information about submitting your entry can be found here.

Deadline for this challenge is August 2, 2009 at midnight GMT.

We hope you'll come join in the fun!
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It's just like "Fallen"...

...without the nakedness.

Hi y'all!

*waves sheepishly*

I've been out of the Kawoosh! loop for maybe a year now (possibly more), bear with me while I settle back into my supreme commander role and see if I still have the knack for this malarky!

I'm excited to be involved again but also scared because I'm assuming things have changed and I just don't know what goes on around here anymore. Yesterday I found myself forgetting the admin passwords to access the Kawoosh! back-end, which reduced me to a jelly of hysterical laughter.

So don't mind me while a fumble around, I'm sure there are loads of Kawooshers I don't know, hello to you all, and of course, hello to all the old-timers too... if you guys are still around!

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I will no longer be involved in maintaining Kawoosh!, the Kawoosh! forum or the_kawoosher.

I've made some lovely friends in the Stargate/Atlantis fandom and I'd like to thank all of you for your help and support over all the years that I have been involved in maintaining these sites/communities.

All video submissions and contact queries will now be handed over/forwarded to _gater_ and will automatically go to her and if you have any other questions regarding Kawoosh! and/or your videos, please contact her: (gater@kawoosh.co.uk)

I wish you all the very best with your future vidmaking and look forward to seeing more wonderful videos from all of you.

Thank you.
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Kawoosh! update.

There was 1 new videos listed last week over at Kawoosh! so don't forget to check it out.

The Foreign Language challenge has now been launched over at the forum.

For more details and information go check out this post and you need to have your vids submitted by 24th May 09..

Please also remember to check out the challenge rules/guidelines and good luck to all who enter.

And for those who may not have heard yet, Geocities will close later this year. For those of you using Geocities hosting for your vids, you still have plenty of time to sort out alternate hosting, but let me know if you need any help.