(",) (_gater_) wrote in the_kawoosher,

It's just like "Fallen"...

...without the nakedness.

Hi y'all!

*waves sheepishly*

I've been out of the Kawoosh! loop for maybe a year now (possibly more), bear with me while I settle back into my supreme commander role and see if I still have the knack for this malarky!

I'm excited to be involved again but also scared because I'm assuming things have changed and I just don't know what goes on around here anymore. Yesterday I found myself forgetting the admin passwords to access the Kawoosh! back-end, which reduced me to a jelly of hysterical laughter.

So don't mind me while a fumble around, I'm sure there are loads of Kawooshers I don't know, hello to you all, and of course, hello to all the old-timers too... if you guys are still around!

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